Industrial Plant

In an area of 22,332 sqm with 8,000 sqm of construction, facilities were conducted according to international standards of Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP to ensure production quality of products.

To minimize risks of cross-contamination, the plant has 7 exclusive and separate setting-up for manufacturing different kinds of products. Therefore, the plant has: 

  • A block for the production of pharmaceuticals;
  • A block for the development of FMD vaccines within a Bio-safe area NSB4 type to work with the disease virus;
  • A block for the production of beta-lactam antibiotics;
  • A block for the manufacturing of hormonals.
  • A block for the production of bacterial vaccines;
  • A block for spray can filling;
  • A block for the production of mineral cores and salts;
  • A block for the manufacture of pesticides;
  • A block for herbicides.
  • A block for manufacturing domisanitary products.
  • A Residue Control Laboratory.

Our Laboratory

With a staff of qualified personnel, it has a Quality Control Department. This is responsible for checking that products comply with their qualitative and quantitative characteristics, to ensure optimum product quality. These tests are conducted with specific equipment of last generation in quality control.

Independent from Department of Quality Control, the Department of Quality Guarantee which is responsible for studying all processes in the plant and validate them, train staff, qualified or not, and do internal audits , according to GMP standards to ensure production quality .

And it also has the Research and Development Department, which conducts studies and research for the development of new formulations to bring new products to market and introduce new agricultural solutions.

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